Our Mead Maker at NHC 2015

Last year Vince had the opportunity to attend the National Homebrew Conference in San Diego.  This was his first conference and first time pouring his meads to the public.  He was like a kid at the candy store with a huge grin on his face all night.  There were lines 10 people deep most of the night to taste his special brew and he dished out mead for hours.    Michael Fairbrother of Moonlight Meadery stopped by for a few drinks and hung out for a photo.


Dedicated to Our Workers

I'd like to propose a toast, a toast to the most industrious, hard working and beneficial individual on the planet, and no I am not describing our elected officials, but, the humble little bee. So the next time you go out, whether it is to go on a walk, out to eat, have a beverage or just about anything, the modest bee has likely played a roll in your enjoyment. Those flowers that you saw (could have been hops for that matter), the food on your plate (and this includes that burger, for my brontoburger buddy's out there; gotta' remember that the cow ate vegetation prior to being on the plate) and the wonderful beverage you relax and enjoy, please take a moment and thank our faithful sidekick for helping make our lives so much more enriched.

So when someone say's "they're just stupid bee's" please kindly remind them that, w/o them around, we will not be around. If we keep them, they will keep us. So let's all lift a glass, hopefully a killer mead, and make a toast to my little friend. Cheers to all of us.

Photo courtesy of my Mrs.

The quadruplets have arrived!

Our new arrivals.  Nothing like an early birthday in May.  Now the bigger question, "Where are we going to put these beauties?"

Kinda like opening birthday presents.

My friend Issac always there to help us out. He says he'll work for mead.

And he just keeps on helping. He must be thirsty. Ha ha.

The family is getting larger. — at Twisted Horn Mead & Cider.

open tanks 5.jpg

R&D Never Tasted So Good

From the Archives:  Another batch of test batches while we were planning the project.  Honey and water!  How hard could it be?  Traditional mead can typically take a year or longer to ferment.  Then longer to mature.  I've had the privileged of some very fine mead aged over 7 years.  7 years, however, is a bit long to wait to share mead with our friends.  After extensive research and tasting, formulating and tasting, fermenting and tasting,  and tasting, we have dialed in some excellent mead and cider.  Then we have the long task of starting up for production and more tasting.  At least we don't have to drink all the production batches ourselves!     

Old World Style With A Twist

Old World Style With A Twist

Welcome to Twisted Horn Mead & Cider!  There is something special about the World's oldest fermented beverage - Mead.  What was once lost is now found and it is hard imagine why this unique drink faded into obscurity some many years ago.  But what is mead you say?  It is many things to many people.  At its core, it is fermented honey, but it can be so much more than that.  The honey can be added to apple juice to make a cyser.  Fruits can be added, or spices, hops, and grapes.  It can be thick syrup sweet or tart and dry.  Drink it cold or try it mulled.  There is a flavor and style for every person. 


Stay tuned as we prepare to bring mead to the masses!


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