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Come celebrate Solstice with us! December 19-21st

Solstice Story Concert Wednesday

The Storytellers of San Diego once again will thrill us with traditional Solstice stories on Wednesday December 19th from 7-9pm. Don’t miss this one!

Story tellers Solstice 2018.JPG

Solstice Day Celebration Friday


We welcome Molly Whitaker of Mythica Metalworks back once again to help us celebrate Solstice on December 21st at 6:30pm! This time she is cooking up a fun “Make and Take” Solstice themed glass bottle craft in multiple sizes with bloodstone chips, garnet chips, gold flakes, preserved moss, rose petals, miniature pine cones, plus some extra surprises! She will also have some last minute gifts available for sale for all of your last minute shopping needs! We will also have tangerines and cloves for you to make traditional pomanders to scent your home, and “acorns” for you to write your hopes and dreams on and decorate our tasting room with this traditional way of ushering in the new year and all it promises!



We will have a couple of telescopes out front and some star-gazing enthusiasts to help you appreciate the winter sky, which is one of the best times of the year to look upwards for so many reasons, including less light pollution from the center of the Milky Way, clear cold air, dramatic constellations, and longer nights to view them. So bring a warm jacket, your best tuque, and your curious mind between 7-8pm on Friday night to view the stars!!

night sky.jpg


We once again welcome Blue Creek Band from 6-9pm with their toe-tapping rhythms to the tasting room. They’ve been making a list and practicing it twice (well…maybe a bit more!) to bring some fresh new tunes along with some traditional Yuletide carols for our Solstice Celebration!


Vagrant Nation plays at the Horn!

December 15th, 6-9pm.  21 & up, no cover

Come listen to some fun Irish pub songs, get your toes tapping!

vagrant nation

vagrant nation

New Mead “Blood Brothers”

The call to arms has sounded and all able warriors should heed the call. Lo, the winter war is upon us, stout hearts and strong limbs are needed to face the enemy. Though the foe may be mighty, we have created just the elixir to girdle your courage. Come forth, “Blood Brothers”, and harden the wavering heart!

This off dry cyser style mead (honey and apple) has the perfect balance of honey and apple characteristic further emboldened with the tannic and tart nature of cranberries and a slight softening from boysenberry. The 10.7% ABV will keep you warm against the very worst that the frost giants can throw at you while heating your blood for the chaos of battle. So come, join the Brotherhood and seize the ultimate victory. SKAL!!!

blood brothers

blood brothers

New Mead “Shadow Legion”

Before the Golden Age of the Vikings another fearsome culture held sway over the vast expanses of Europe and the Mediterranean... Rome! At it’s height of power, Rome rarely knew defeat in battle and devised fighting tactics that are still in use today. This true metheglin style mead was created to honor the discipline, courage and fighting spirit of the time's most feared powerful fighting unit, the Roman Legion.

To the eye, the darker color of “Shadow Legion” comes from the deep rich color of alfalfa honey; to the palate, the discernible vegetal and earthy flavors are immediate. To compliment this unique taste profile, flavors from southern Italy (lemon zest and basil) were added to give the mead a brighter and more savory characteristic. So gather your forces and join the fray, but prepare yourself to be bested by the “Shadow Legion”!

shadow legion

shadow legion