Codes of Honor

Every Viking village has a code of honor to which they hold fast! We hope that many of the questions we receive will be resolved here.

Last Call

Last call is given within 20 minutes of the closing hour. At this time, guests are invited to purchase a final drink, fill any growlers, and close their tabs. Once the line clears, only growler fills can be made. No further purchases can be made for open drinks.

Growler Fills

Growlers are a “to-go” item. You may not purchase a growler for consumption on site.

We have a “Clean Growler” policy, meaning that we will only fill clean growlers, either ours or one from another tasting room. Our staff will inspect your growler before it is filled, and once it is agreed upon between our guest and our staff that the growler is clean, then it will be filled. There will be no dumping and refilling of growlers once they have been filled for any reason. Please ensure that your growlers arrive at our tasting room clean and sanitized, as we will not be rinsing or washing them.


Friendly dogs on a leash are welcome in our mead hall. Please be sure to maintain control of your pet at all times, and do not let them wander over to their neighbors unless you have asked them if its OK. Not everyone appreciates wet noses and puppy fuzz!

Outside Food

We allow outside food to be brought in. Of course, we provide food trucks on many evenings for your enjoyment, and hope you take advantage of the tasty grinds we make available to you. Please see our calendar for the most current food truck schedule.


Our hall is an inclusive public house (meeting place) where old friends and new can visit together. The space is family friendly and welcomes well behaved pets and children. We welcome tall tales and friendly banter, but please refrain from solicitation and hostile speech with our patrons.


We know that people love to come in garb (and really, who wouldn’t?!) And we host many special events where that is not only welcome, but expected! However, weapons are not allowed at any time in our tasting room unless they are made of foam. Our staff may ask to inspect your weapon to ensure it adheres to our policy, and you may be asked to remove the item and take it back to your car.


Please know that after a thirty minute grace period, any table or Asgard reservations will be pulled if no one from your party has appeared by this time and opened back up to the public. For paid reservations, please inquire for details using the form provided HERE.